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Swami Nirmalananda

- by Dick Martin

Over the years I have had the opportunity to correspond with many people with as many ways of seeing the world, but one of those I will always remember the most was Swami Nirmalananda who advertised himself as writing on the subject of spiritual anarchism. It was with curiosity that I ordered a full set of publications from his ashram in India. His views were universalist and pantheist accepting the values of Buddhism, Christianity and Anarchism. His anarchism was an anarchism of personal and spiritual liberation but an anarchist world view none the less and should give us pause to reflect upon the value of our personal attitudes toward freedom as a foundation to the political anarchism of the west which strives to change social structures through revolution but without achieving a significant spiritual evolution in the life values of the individuals involved. We corresponded for a number of years, many months would pass between letters; but he would always send greetings at Christmas. Then one year I received nothing until the notice came saying Swami Nirmalanda "attained Maha Samadi on 10th Jan. 1997" In his memory and as wisdom to reflect upon I offer these points he made about freedom:

By Swami Nirmalanda - 2nd Dec 1924 - 10 Jan 1997

Freedom First
  1. Both freedom and bondage are waiting for you. It is up to you to decide to live in freedom or to remain in bondage. He who thinks and feels deeply that he is already free is indeed free. He who thinks that he is bound is bound.
  2. If the desire for possessions does not drop away, try to reduce one's needs to the minimum possible.
  3. Simple living is a treasure and it has the highest virtue and value. Do not exchange it for an easy life.
  4. Practicing the ideal of Truth and non-violence is false and unwise, Learn to abide in Truth and Non-violence in which there is peace.
  5. Hide in the true self, in the cave of Heart, in a state of knowing nothing and seeing nothing. This is the only refuge from sorrow. All else are escapism.
  6. In order to live in freedom, it is most important not to be influenced by anything that causes brain-washing, mind conditioning and distortion of human values.
  7. In this world of plurality, learn to grasp the underlying unity and Oneness of all. When this is realized, there is harmonious relationship with all. Treat everything and everybody as one's kith and kin. Being friendly with all, learn to walk hand in hand as a playmate and companion of Nature.
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