Defining Anarchopacifism
by Corin Z.

Anarchism is in the truest sense of the word, Peace. It is the abscence of coercion but not of duty, of force but not of motivation, it is the proccess of living ones life in harmony with truth. All things, down to atoms organize themselves, anarchism is the radical proposition that we can do likewise.

The models of how an anarchist society works, and even what the basic characteristics of that society are/would be have varied widely according to the time and location of the attempt. Some would define the pre-columbus Iriquoise League as an anarchist society, others, Like Tolstoy, have pointed to Jesus Christ as the model Anarchist. The means vary widely, but they all take their form from the goal. We do not believe in a temporary period of bloodshed in order to end coercion and achieve peace, rather we will strive to achieve peace with ourselves and each other, and remove coercion from our daily lives. If this can be accomplished,in so doing we will have achieved a social revolution of the kind that violent action with it's reliance on fear and coercion could never hope to achieve.

Some on the "left" argue that the ends justify the means, that it is somehow acceptable to slaughter tens of thousands if that is what is required for "peace." We absolutely and utterly reject this supposed peace as the peacefullness of a corpse. Instead we say that the Ends ARE the Means. We believe everyone has a right to eat, so we form groups like Food Not Bombs and feed people. We reject all warfare as an absolutely grotesque waste of human lives and natures resources. We believe everyone has a right to communicate to their fullest abilities, and so groups like Tao Canada form to provide that. We Believe workplaces should be run cooperatively, so we form food co-ops and participate in union activities. We do not form parties with platforms to try to get a government to do things for us, we do it ouselves and we do it better, more efficiently, and without coercion. Take this behavior and extend it out far enough and we will eventualy create utopia. We don't write a check for the revolution and say "good luck," we get in and we make it happen.